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To Die is to Live

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Thank you to everyone who have purchased Guide Me Home. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I did writing it. Take a moment to browse my site, and don't forget to look inside at the store. 


Who is Ana Gibson? I'm glad you asked. I'm a native Marylander (Prince George's County), where we have the best blue crabs. Get to experience all four seasons in a year, and are still considered "country" with that southern twang even though we're one millimeter below the Mason Dixon line (Don't quote me on that).  I'm a Stay-at-Home Wife and Mom. A daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter, and a best friend and when I get the chance to simply be myself, I often take time to divulge in anything that gets my creative juices flowing. That means writing, singing, doing hair, making artificial floral arrangements or holiday wreaths, watching TV dramas or possibly doing all of these things at one time. It just depends on the day and mood. 

But most importantly, I'm me. I'm an empathetic, spiritual, God-fearing, and kind human being. While I still don't know every part of of my inner self, still, I know this is a good starting point, which brings me to my next piece. 


I’ve always been an extremely creative individual, honing in mostly on my writing and singing. Since the age of 14, I’ve been writing fiction stories, most of them with a deep, profound, and spiritual message within. As time went on, my stories evolved just as much as my own life has. I’m a person that does a lot of self-reflection, am full of wisdom and have the gift of prophesy. I consider this my third eye. Once I got married, it seemed that my third eye has played a major part in the way I pen down a song or a story and it wasn’t until recently that I realized I needed to really expound on these messages that God has given me. 


Even thinking about it now, the pattern was obvious. From Facebook posts to simply having a one on one talk with someone, it's obvious that I have a special ability to dive into the heart of folk who are hurting and need some kind of encouragement or introspection of self. And now that I understand how great this gift is, I’m doing everything in my power to make it known to the world and folks around me who are willing to listen. 


As I learn myself more, I’m also being intentional about bringing others along with me to begin to understand what it means to recognize ourselves—flaws and all—and to grasp a hold of the version we desire to be. One thing I can say for sure is that my writing is to heal hearts, to bring joy and laughter, awareness to the lost or confused soul, to offer a sense of self-reconciliation and to own who we are as we journey through this thing called life. My goal is to always be able to inspire and encourage the masses through whatever gift I use at the time, in hopes that I’ve had hand in helping someone change for the better.


With that being said, check out my newest novel, Guide Me Home, and see what I mean.


A troubled single father learns to face himself when a woman he comes to love, helps to uncover his emotional trauma, which then guides him down a road towards a sense of self and belonging , after suffering multiple strings of misfortune. 

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"A riveting and tantalizing read. An inspiration and insightful interpretation of matters of the heart and selfless expression of love ordained by God. Mrs. Gibson captured my attention and stirred my imagination from beginning to end. The depth of spiritual insight ushered given was profound. It's also helpful for re-evaluation of self...." -Maria Montgomery

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