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A Special Signed Copy by the Author for the Holidays!!!


Instability. Abandonment. That’s all that Devin knows.

The trauma of his past tends to travel with him wherever he goes, even down the lonesome road of homelessness. With the responsibility of taking care of his six-year-old-daughter, and being forced to leave his drug-addicted girlfriend behind, he now stands at the crossroad of crisis and despair.

Help comes in the form of a teacher, Faith, who finds them taking shelter in the school’s janitor closet. To avoid a potential child welfare case, she invites them into her home, unexpectedly awakening a love affair they didn’t see coming. But trouble weeds its way through their newfound relationship when news gets out about his condition and abruptly tears them apart.

In the furnace of opposition, he must rise above himself in order to get back the very two people he loves the most. The decision to take steps forward that journey’s back to a place he’s neve